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Improve Golf Sekf Hypnosis CD

Hello, my name is Doris Viola and I am here to tell you the un-mythical truth about hypnosis.

The truth is that you already use hypnosis often in your everyday life! With a little understanding and practice by listening to your Almost Like Cheating Self Hypnosis CDs, you can learn to turn this mental tool into a self-control tool. You can master yourself with hypnosis

People who see a lot of movies, especially Alfred Hitchcock, or watch Soap Operas, or read novels, could understandably fear hypnosis. But remember: a hypnotized person will not do anything they wouldn’t do when they’re not hypnotized. That includes audience members who participate in stage hypnosis.

When you are listening to the Doris Viola Almost Like Cheating Self Hypnosis CDs, you’ll find yourself having an unbelievable degree of self control and self awareness - almost as though you are standing outside of yourself.

It’s Self Hypnosis because you are choosing to follow the instructions and suggestions yourself. YOU decide. That’s the "Self" part. You are in control. And the more often you listen to your CD the easier and more automatic your response and control becomes. You just keep getting better at putting yourself in control.

It’s almost like cheating because once you totally accept the instructions and suggestions that you have chosen, you will amaze yourself as well as others. You’ll feel almost as though you’re cheating, because you will be able to outdo your peers. More important, you will know how you are outdoing yourself. You will become more in control of yourself than ever before. More than you would have ever imagined. You will become the SUPER-YOU you’ve always sought. And it’s easy, really!!

You’ll see.

Improve Golf Self-Hypnosis CD
ImproveGolf01 - Improve Golf Self-Hypnosis CD
Price: $14.95

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